Lactation Consulting Services

Lactation consultation during pregnancy

This consultation can be done to up to 4 women, at the place of their choice. We will talk about breastfeeding physiology in simple terms, what is best for the baby, how lactation works and tips for a successful breastfeeding experience from day one. We also talk about how to deal with the main challenges that may come up in the first days after the baby is born. Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Lactation consultation after the baby is born

This consultation can take place at your home or in the hospital. We will discuss the basics on how to breastfeed your baby, evaluate the latch, tips on how to avoid engorgement and nipple damage, tips on good positions for mother and baby during breastfeeding, expressing and storing breast milk, baby routine and care. Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Emergency consultation

This consultation can take place at your home or in the hospital. It includes the assessment of the mother and her breasts, to evaluate damage, engorgement, difficulties with latching and/or baby weight loss. A follow-up visit is done after 24 hours and we work on a plan based on the first assessment. Approximate duration: 2 hours. Return visit after in 15 days.

Back to work

The mother will receive information on how to keep the exclusive lactation of the baby even after she goes back to work. You will learn how to express and store your breast milk and how to feed your baby your milk without a bottle. We will talk about the change in the baby routine and emotional aspects involved in this transition. We will discuss the difficulties in following the lactation plan, from how to handle the expressed milk to accessories. It’s important that the principal caregiver of the child during the mother’s absence be present at this consultation. Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Gradual weaning – for babies 18 months+

Postpartum psychological consultation

We also offer postpartum consultations to new mothers, these occur at weekly meetings. We talk about relevant issues related to this period in a mother’s life: adapting to the new baby, couple relationship, postpartum fatigue, family dynamics, lack of sex drive, postpartum depression, baby blues, and other common issues. The treatment can last from 4 to 6 months. We can meet at your home or another place of choice. Approximate duration: 1 hour weekly.

We offer bundled services as well. Please contact us for special pricing for service bundles. We offer unlimited support via phone calls, email or Skype for regular clients.

Disclaimer: A consultation with a lactation consultant does not substitute the professional evaluation of the baby’s paediatrician. He is responsible for the overall evaluation of your child’s health. The lactation consultant helps with issues related to breastfeeding and provides guidance to mothers to solve those issues. We do not evaluate the baby’s weight, height or developmental stages. In specific cases, the consultant can refer the baby to a paediatrician or speech therapist.

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